About the SHOW
The show is comprised of six 24 minute episodes set in tropical Cebu, and filmed at Bigfoot studios in Cebu, Philippines.
Target Approach
Shot over 6 episodes as a doco drama, this dance reality competition will eliminate 4 dancers in order to leave the final 5 ROBOGIRLS chosen for the band.
Global Competition
The competition element is often overshadowed by the constant drama between the production team members.
the show
What happens when a JAPANESE MUSIC PRODUCER, (backed by a super rich CHINESE INVESTOR), a New York born MUSIC VIDEO DIRECTOR, a TEXAN PRODUCTION DESIGNER turned ROBOT DEVELOPER, and a bunch of hot Chinese models/dancers team up with DESIGNER DEVA to put together a unique pop group?
RoboGirls is a Sexy Si Fi KPOP-packed reality series. 9 starry-eyed Chinese dancers/models are confronted with the harsh realities of show business & a motley crew of professionals behind the scenes making it all happen!</p> <p>The dancers all vie for a position in the final 5 that will form the ultimate KPOP band! If the production team can agree.. that is!
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